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With my current re-launch, I’ve been updating my website, writing new blogs, and doing some thinking about what I can offer my clients. My conclusion is that I can update my services, providing packages to clients who need regular support with their blogging, or proofreading, or general communications outputs.

Potential clients are invited to discuss details of the different packages on offer, as they can be flexible – the beauty of HD Words being a micro-business is that everything can be focussed around the needs of the client.

If you need a regular blog writing but don’t have time to do it, contact me to discuss my blogging package.

If you produce regular official or formal documents, or reports, that need a second pair of eyes to look at them before they are published or submitted, we can talk about my proofreading retainer agreement.

I have also introduced a new ‘Communications Officer’ package, designed to appeal to SMEs, and also to small charities, for whom a whole Comms Officer is an extravagant expense, but where that expertise is needed from time to time. Scalable, depending on your needs and budget, with hours per week or per month, and a series of suggestions for where that support might be utilised.

See my Packages page for full details, including terms and conditions, and get in touch if you’d like to discuss this more.

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