All packages are subject to flexibility, and can be tailored to suit the needs of the client.

Communications Officer packages

Ideal for small charities or SMEs, for whom a communications officer is outside the budget, but where you really do need that level of expertise from time to time. Support can include:

  • Writing newsletters
  • Writing press releases
  • Writing or proofreading annual reports or other public documents
  • Writing web content, product descriptions, case studies, etc
  • Crafting email responders for new supporters or (potential) clients
  • Writing social media posts to be scheduled in advance (NOT managing social media interactions on a daily basis)
  • Other items as discussed
Hours per period Cost Notes
Level 1 6 hours per calendar month £220/month working remotely
Level 2   3 hours per week £120/week working remotely
Level 3 6 hours per week (equates to 26 hours per calendar month) £250/week (£1,083 per calendar month) working remotely, with one visit per month to the client’s premises if necessary and feasible, within Cornwall

Blogging /case studies packages

With many clients I already provide a mix-and-match quote for blogging services, offering prices for short, medium, long and very long pieces of writing, so that they can choose to set up a retainer for a certain amount of money, to be comprised of a variety of lengths of blog. The same can also be applied to case studies or customer stories, according to your business.

An example charge sheet might be:

Short 0-250 words £25 Example of 230 words
Medium 251-600 words £50 Example of 469 words
Long 601-900 words £75 Example of 692 words
Example of 906 words
Very long 901-1200 words £100 Example of 1003 words

The client could then set up a retainer for £250 per month, which could be 2 x short and 2 x very long, OR 2 x long, 1 x medium and 1x short, and so on. This could vary from month to month.

The examples are included from my own blog so that you can see what a short/medium, etc blog actually looks like, and how it could translate to your content.

Prices would vary depending on the level of research required in the topic, and complexity of the subject matter. Client engagement is key, and topics, research materials, etc must be provided. Sourcing images and/or uploading content to clients’ websites available for an additional charge per item.

Proofreading packages

Ideal for clients who write their own content, whether reports, legal submissions, bids, product descriptions, or other official literature, but where there is a need for precision, a high level of work, and fast turnaround required. NDAs can be signed, and absolute privacy will be maintained. Clients for whom English is not their first language, and clients with dyslexia, are welcomed.

Retainer proofreading packages can be arranged with guaranteed next-working-day responses for work less than 30 sides of A4 or 15,000 words.

Speak to me about the level of work you have, and we can discuss rates.

Terms and conditions

A contract must be signed prior to work taking place.

Time can be weighted towards clients’ busier patches of the year, by agreement.

A one-month trial period will be given initially, and subsequently a minimum of three months’ work will be contracted, with one month’s notice of cancellation to be given on either side.

A standing order must be set up for payment in advance after the trial period has completed satisfactorily.

Prices correct at April 2021, and subject to annual adjustment in line with costs.