9th Birthday

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Happy Ninth Birthday HD Words!

Nine years feels like quite a long time, looking back. The world has changed a lot in the last nine years, so have I, and so has the business.

At the start, I was a newbie copywriter, with some skills, but not a lot of confidence, and just a few customers. After struggles with confidence that have come and gone with the passage of time, I can now confidently say that I have more confidence, and more customers! Probably more skills too… I should hope…

I didn’t have much of a network, to start with, but the connections I did have were gold. My former colleagues from Cornwall Council have been the starting point for so much work over the years that I don’t think I’d still be trading without them. Thank you to Bernard Allen, Andrea Gilbert, Bev Wilson for the work, and my other friends who have kept in touch, and kept me smiling.

Now I am a busy member of Your Partnerships, with new friends, as well as business connections. I’ve found clients there, an accountant, a summer job for my daughter last year, and helped build a client base for Trethek Studio through there as well. Trethek is a collection of freelancers coming together to support businesses with their online presence (photography, design, copywriting, social media, etc) which I’ve been part of for over a year now.

With the pandemic, my work took on a focus on the voluntary sector, and following that I worked a 6-month contract with Bernard and Claire Watkins as the interim comms team for an organisation based in Kent, which ended at the start of 2023.

With a national/global economic slowdown, and a few personal health dramas in 2023, it was all-in-all a quiet year. Thanks so much to those of you who helped me out when I couldn’t drive for three months with a fractured elbow, and cheered me up along the way!

2024 is looking better already, with new clients, new projects for old clients, and new opportunities, plus no fractured elbow! I was even nominated for two awards at the Your Partnerships anniversary celebration – Sole trader of the year, and Networker of the year. (Thanks to whoever nominated me – it truly means a lot!)

So, in 2024 I’m expanding my skills around SEO, offering a service to schools to audit their websites for OFSTED-required content, and developing the writing I can provide.

I look forward to what 2024 and subsequent years have to bring, and where the future will take me. I’ll see you there!

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