When you have written an important document, a book, a report, a business leaflet, … and poked it and tweaked it, and shuffled it around, it can turn into a muddle of words that no longer makes sense to you.

Have you ever wanted someone else to look over it, to make sure you’ve not turned it into nonsense? HD Words can act as your second pair of eyes, proofreading and editing, without changing the content substantially, to ensure it is in good English, and makes sense.

Or maybe you’re not 100% confident in your own English language skills, and want someone to check you’ve not made any embarrassing mistakes, and your spelling and punctuation are correct.  That’s something HD Words can do for you.  It’s not embarrassing to have someone check your English is correct – it’s good business sense.  Customers will be put off by mistakes, so lose the mistakes, not the customers!

See examples of varied proofreading and editing projects already carried out.

  • Proofreading, making sure there are no mistakes or typos in your written words.
  • Editing, so that your language is consistent, you don't switch from 'I' to 'we' half way through, for instance!
  • Business and personal, books, grant applications, reports, CVs, expert advice pages from your website, basically, anything you've written.
  • Unfortunately, not text messages... Alas, I can't live in your pocket and make sure your auto-fill doesn't make up something rude. Sorry!