Making sure your words are going to attract your customers, and say the right things to them, can mean the difference between getting customers, or not.  Are you sure you have the right words for the people you’re talking to?

If you struggle to write about your business, product or event, or simply don’t have time to put pen to paper, then employing a professional copywriter can be the way to go. If employing me for a couple of hours can save you a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears, is it worth it for your business?  Wouldn’t you rather be doing what you do than writing about it?

Having the right words to describe your products can make all the difference.  If you’ve run out of fresh ideas, or simply don’t have the time to write descriptions for Not on the Highstreet, Etsy and your own website, then HD Words can definitely help you.

See some examples of websites I’ve written for clients, and product description work.

  • Websites, writing for some or all of your website, including ensuring the right keywords are present for Google.
  • Leaflets, fliers, posters, etc, ensuring your paper publicity materials are saying the right things.
  • Press releases, or 'about me' text writing eye-catching press releases or articles for trade magazines, to get yourself, your product or your event noticed.
  • Product descriptions, when you've lost the objectivity or creative flair to describe what you're creating!