These are full-size websites which I’ve written.  

You can see examples of my product descriptions, editingblogging and other work elsewhere on this site.


Writing the website for Perish-a-Pest involved research into the different types of pests, and methods for dealing with them, that are handled by my client. He wished to create a website which highlighted his professional qualifications and reliability, as well as showcasing his knowledge of the subject. I worked with Josh at Scylla Social, a designer I’d encountered with a previous client.

Easter Blooms

I was involved with the launch of the Easter Blooms website, together with writing newsletters, press releases and product descriptions for Sarah Easter’s website, in 2022, working again with Josh at Scylla Social.

CSA Architects

I initially met CSA Architects at a trade show, and they engaged my services to write a coffee table book showcasing some of their best projects, with just a few words giving the background to the homes they were featuring. 

Subsequently, having been very happy with my work, they engaged me to provide text for all of the various homes, developments, commercial and industrial projects that they design.  There are things that you can’t see, in the beautiful photos of their work, so my job was to tell the ‘how’, the ‘why’, the ‘what’ and the ‘oh my goodness’ stories. In May 2019, I proofread their entire website for them, as the new site was launched.

This work is ongoing, as more projects are completed.

Mister Modular

Mike, Mister Modular, is a consultant for modular buildings. He’s absurdly busy, so work on his website has been an ongoing project for some time. The website itself is mostly written by HD Words, and we are hoping to work on case studies in due course.

Catherine Smith Accountants

I began writing for Catherine Smith in November 2020, starting with her website, and moving on to a few blogs.

The Old Farmhouse, Gwithian

A gorgeous farmhouse near Hayle, being uses as holiday accommodation. I worked on this website together with Rebecca of Red Snapper Design.


A charity working with people on both sides of the criminal justice system, CassPlus received some funding to update their image, both on paper and online.  I was commissioned to write the website, along with leaflets and a banner in 2018.  A new subject for me, I worked closely with the web and graphic designers, using client interviews to draw out relevant quotes for the different pages, and extensive conversations with the team to establish the right feel for the information they need to convey.  Client and professionals potentially referring to their service need different information, and the website also reflects this duality.

LB Magic

LB Magic logo

Lewis asked me to write his website for him, as he finds it hard to write about himself – and he’s not alone!  We had a long conversation about his style, and the different types of magic he does, and hey presto! I was able to write a website he’s delighted with, including the line: A good magician can make you believe in magic – a great magician can be the magic.

Lewis says: 5 stars! Great copy, friendly, easy to deal with and the quality of the text on my website is one hundred times better than it was. Thank you. (Speedy turn around as well!) Would definitely recommend.

Acupuncture Exeter

logo for Cathy Mudge of Acupuncture Exeter

Cathy of Acupuncture Exeter was recommended to me by Aladdin Gulec of FX Worx, to look at the words on the website he was designing for her. She initially asked for a proofread, but it turned into more than that.

She says: I decided to look at the information on my website, having a lot of knowledge about a service often means that you try to put all of this information on the website and overwhelm readers. I asked Hannah to look at my website and let me know what she thought. She was very enthusiastic and helpful, she felt that not only could she proof read my site, but she could also look at making it more appealing. As a small business I found that Hannah’s quote for the work was very affordable, and regular updates on the progress and cost meant I easily stayed within my planned budget without pressure to overspend.

Hannah responded quickly with the work she had completed for me to check and change as I wanted, if I was not sure she often had a suggestion. The whole process was so easy and really took all the pressure off me so that I actually enjoyed doing it. I would highly recommend Hannah for any size business.

Three Rivers Furniture

I met Matthew of Three Rivers Furniture at the Interiors Fair on Lemon Quay, Truro, in October 2015.  A conversation about spelling mistakes, proofreading, and writing in general, turned into an invitation to write content for the Three Rivers Furniture website, which was being updated.  I wrote most of the pages (except the legal ones) and either written or edited the range descriptions.

Timpani Sticks

Sean Hooper Timpani Sticks logo

Writing for Sean Hooper, who makes very specialist drumsticks for playing kettle drums, or timpani.  Sean asked me to write his website, on the recommendation of  Matthew of Three Rivers Furniture, including product descriptions for his extensive range of sticks.  An interesting challenge!

Subsequently, Sean has come back to me several times since then to produce a 1/4-page advert for a magazine.  For the first version, he took my advice on dramatically paring down the information he wanted to include, letting a great picture of the drumsticks speak for themselves (mostly) and it has been very successful for him.

Sean says: I’m very grateful to the friend who recommended Hannah to me. My website had accurate information but was worded so clumsily there was no incentive for anyone to stay on the site.

Hannah has made the wording far more interesting, as I had expected. What I hadn’t realised was that Hannah knows a lot about websites and made some structural alterations that I hadn’t realised were possible, and will be very valuable to customers and so consequently to me.

Archive clients

Garrack Hotel, St Ives

I wrote the text for this website, having won the tender to produce it, early in 2015, as one of my very first projects.  Following a tour of the hotel and restaurant, I spoke at length with the marketing manager to establish the content and feel they required for the website, as well as the target audience, and particular areas to emphasize. She gave the following reference:

I have worked with Hannah to produce new wording for our hotel website. She was very easy to deal with, produced the words efficiently and matched the criteria that we were asking her to meet. Very happy with the end result!

The Garrack have since re-done their website, so none of my original work remains.

JoJo Hats of Devon

Logo for JoJo Hats of Devon

I worked with Jacqui Osborne, owner of JoJo Hats, to improve her website, including Search Engine Optimisation.  The project was split into two parts, firstly to write product descriptions of all the hats which Jacqui makes, and secondly to update the text of the website itself.  This was completed in the summer of 2015, with occasional new products subsequently.

Jacqui says: Thank you Hannah for all your help and thoughtfulness. You have written me some lovely descriptions for my website and once I have got a new website (very big job!!) I will be using them and coming back for more. Thanks again x

Jacqui has since updated her website, and little of my original work remains.

Cornish Carpets

Bill Chapman of Cornish Carpets asked me to look at his web text in 2016, to improve Search Engine Optimisation, and customer flow through the site.  He wanted more information about the carpets and vinyls he sells, so I wrote product descriptions for those, as well as other information for the site, which has been updated subsequently.