Q             How can I contact you?

A             You can email me at hdwords@gmail.com, or phone me on 07941 632285.  You may also bump into me at a local business networking event. I am an active member of Your Partnerships, and also attend some of the local business breakfasts. Email me to check whether I will be there if you specifically want to see me.

Q             How will you take my order?

A             When you contact me to discuss work I can do for you, I’ll make extensive notes, making sure I’m clear on

  • what you require, (including how many words, who your target audience is, what the intention of the writing is)
  • what deadline you’re working to,
  • what other professionals you’re working with (designer, web, photographer, etc) and
  • any agreement we make on the work I’ll do for you.

I’ll confirm this with you in writing, to ensure there are no misunderstandings over deadline or other details. For larger or ongoing projects, we will both sign a simple contract, to ensure that we are both protected. Once you’ve agreed this, I’ll begin work on your documents.

Q             Will you invoice me?

A             Yes. I’ll send an invoice after the work has been completed, or at intervals if it’s going to be a long project. For pieces of work over £500 I will take an initial payment of 20%.  For work over £750 I will take an initial payment, and agree a mid-point payment with you.  For larger pieces of work, several mid-point payments will be required.
For packages involving monthly contracts, I will require a standing order to be set up. I will also need either a month’s notice, or a month’s payment in lieu, when cancelling the contract.
For newsletter contracts, I will need an edition’s-worth of notice, eg for a six-weekly newsletter, six weeks’ notice or payment in lieu, and a standing order for the regular payment.

I do all my invoicing electronically.  Please let me know if you require an invoice to be sent to you in paper form.

See my pricing page for more information about payments.

Q             How do you accept payment?

A             I accept payment by cash, cheque (made payable to HD Words) or bank transfer (details on application).

Q            Can you recommend a local design studio? Can you work with my web designer?

            I am happy to recommend photographers, web or graphic designers or printers, and can liaise with most local suppliers to provide a seamless service.

Q             Who owns the copyright on what you have written?

            I do, until you pay me. After that it’s yours.

Q             What if there’s an error discovered in my work once it’s gone to print?

            The final responsibility for any work remains with the original owner, and I will not accept liability for mistakes that are discovered in written work that has been passed for printing by the original owner. I have insurance against errors I make, but the final sign-off for printed work remains the responsibility of the owner.

Q             How big is 1,000 words?

            You can fit about 500 typed words on a side of A4, if it’s single spaced, 11 point, has no images, and no big gaps between paragraphs.  Your word processing software can tell you how many words you have in your document. This page of my website has 566 words on it.