What a copywriter can do for your business

Written for Emma, for an audience of Etsy and Not on the High Street craftspeople. Published elsewhere in June 2017.

When you started your business, I bet it was because you enjoyed making your product, and the thought that went into designing it, choosing the materials, and then selling it to people who’d use it and enjoy it as much as you do. 

I don’t expect it was so that you could spend hours of your time taking pictures of your products without odd shadows and reflections, managing your accounts, wrestling with the back end of your website, and trying to write product descriptions that make people want to buy your things. 

Nah, didn’t thing so!

As your business grows, I expect you’ve considered hiring someone to do your accounts, take your photographs, and manage your website, but have you considered getting someone in to do the writing for you?

Did you even know that there were people who could do that?

Well, we exist, and we’re called copywriters. 

Hi! 😉

As a copywriter, my job is to make your words look great.  Let me give you some examples:

I can write web content for you.  Perhaps you struggle with the ‘about me’ page. Maybe your home page seems a bit boring but you don’t know how to jazz it up. 

I can write product descriptions for you.  If you struggle to put enough distance between yourself and your products to give an objective description, or if you’ve written about your items so many times it all starts to sound boring to you, then get in a professional!

I can write blogs for you.  You probably know that you should be writing regularly for your website, to bring customers back to you, to keep Google happy, and to showcase new products.  However, finding the time to do it is often much harder! Finding a person to do it for you might be much easier.

It’s an interesting fact that people are turned off websites that have poor writing, bad grammar and spelling mistakes.  The impression given is that ‘this person doesn’t care about writing properly’, and the next thought to pass through your potential customers’ minds is ‘I wonder what else they don’t care about?’ You could be losing customers if your website has sloppy English.

In addition, picture this.  You’re selling carpets.  You have a nice carpet that you’re selling to a young family.  You’ll be describing it as stain resistant, durable, soft-touch for the children to play on, yes?  If you’re selling the same carpet to a wealthy couple furnishing their second home, they’re not going to be bothered about stain resistant, and durable.  You’re more likely to secure the sale using words like ‘luxurious’, ‘deep pile’, and ‘elegant’. Using the right words to appeal to your target audience is another skill that copywriters can bring to your website.  Definitely worth considering!

I hope that helps explain what a copywriter can do for your business – spelling, sparkling and speaking to the right people – in a nutshell!

If you’re interested, then there are plenty of copywriters out there, specialising in a huge variety of different things.  Visit the Professional Copywriters’ Network for a directory of good ones, (https://www.procopywriters.co.uk) or check out my website at www.hdwords.co.uk

Nice to talk to you.  See you again soon!


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