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Not that it ever really went away…

I’m Hannah, the HD of HD Words, and I’ve spent the last year being almost full-time Communications Officer for Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum, supporting the voluntary sector’s pandemic response, and enabling those organisations to help the vulnerable people of Cornwall. It’s been very valuable, and much appreciated, but incredibly hard work, and I’ve now handed it over to others, who are carrying on, and doing great things.

Stepping back from that has allowed me time once more to focus on my copywriting, editing and proofreading for HD Words clients. I’ve been able to work with some people, but many of my clients have been affected by the government restrictions, so weren’t in a position to be updating their website, or had no news to put into newsletters for their clients. A useful coincidence from my perspective, to be sure, but I’d not wish such hard times on anyone!

Now, with those clients beginning to emerge from Lockdown, and restart their businesses, I am once again available to help with all your word-related needs. What can I help you with?

  • Website – Does it need updating to reflect changes to your business? Are you operating in a different way? Do you have different services to tell people about?
  • Newsletters – Do you need to contact your existing clients to let them know that you’re still around, and remind them of your services? Do you have opening dates, or special offers to tell people about?
  • Case studies, or customer stories – Are there examples that you can showcase which your potential clients will relate to? Do you have new projects that you’ve been able to complete recently that aren’t highlighted yet on your website?
  • Blogs – what could you be telling your potential customers to help encourage them to become actual customers? And what could encourage repeat customers?
  • Do you have reports or other publicity materials that you’ve been working on that could use a second pair of eyes to check them for mistakes and typos? My proofreading and editing services are surprisingly low-cost, and will help you avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Many business owners write their own websites, or newsletters, which is fine, but it’s like accountancy – you probably didn’t go into business to spend hours doing your accounts, so you pay an accountant to do it for you. They’ll likely do a better job, and it saves you a lot of hassle.

If you pay a competent copywriter to write your newsletter, for example, they will probably do a better job than you, often faster, and with less hassle for you, so it’s good investment. Ask my accountant – I write her blogs for her!

Please do drop me a line to discuss what support HD Words can give your business – no job too small or too large.

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