Blogging, or creating a news page on your website, if you’d rather, is crucial to improving your Google ranking, and keeping customers returning to your site.

Your blog is where you show your knowledge about your subject, and your human side, as well as special offers news and other interesting bits and pieces.

And keeping your social media in line with your brand is also important – making sure you’re posting relevant content in the places where your clients can interact with what you’re saying.

See examples.

  • Blogging strategy, which can include face-to-face training.
  • Blogging content, where I can write your blog posts for you, as many and as often as your business requires - as long as you give me pointers for what you want to say...
  • Blogging training, where we look together at what you'd like to write about, and I help you explore that.
  • Social media plan, Helping you create a plan to keep regular posts in your social media channels.