Writing for the Pasties and Petticoats Cornish Wedding blog

I’ve been invited to write about words in connection with weddings, for my friend Donna’s Pasties and Petticoats Cornish weddings blog.

At first glance, there aren’t many words associated with weddings, and indeed, her site is full of dresses, venues, cakes, photographers, and all the stuff you’d expect to find there.  However, once you start thinking about it, there are the invitations, the service or ceremony, the vows themselves, speeches – all in all, quite a lot of words!

I’ve written 7 blog posts for Donna, and she will be posting them regularly, starting at the end of April.  Do go and have a look!  There are more posts in the pipeline, so if anyone would like to make suggestions, or has a funny words-at-weddings story, then do let me know.


Here is the list: 

#1, about invitations

wedding invitation with lace and twine


#2, about invitations again – making vs printing

wedding invitation with seashells and starfish

#3, about vows

couple saying vows at their wedding, in a marquee

#4, about the rest of your ceremony

exchanging rings at a wedding


#5, about speeches – content, running order, and who should give them.

bride laughing and groom blushing during wedding speech

#6 Also about speeches – how to give them


My final article for Pasties and Petticoats was a Top 10 Tips for words to get right at your wedding.  This was sent in a newsletter, but if you’re interested, you can download it here.


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